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NOVÉ - - - The international folklore festival “Krakowiak” 2021 Krakow

Termín: 13.08.2021 - 16.08.2021
Miesto konania: Krakow, Poland (Zahraničie - Európa/Svet)
Ubytovanie · Počasie · Cestovné poriadky


The international folklore festival “Krakowiak” takes place in the centre of Krakow. The stage is surrounded by stands with typical Polish products, food and handmade crafts. There you can learn more about Polish culture and you can present the culture of your country. If you join this festival, you will have the chance to visit Wielicka salt mine and Auschwitz concentration camp.
Only folklore dancing groups, chorus, majorettes, musical bands whose performance is related to the tradition can take part in this festival. The accommodation of participants is provided in 3*** hotels, with two meals per day. For three nights in the hotel with half-board you pay 115€ per person. The age of performers and the number of dancers in the group are not limited.

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