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NOVÉ - - - International Folklore festival “Alegria de danzar” 2021 Barcelona

NOVÉ - - - International Folklore festival “Alegria de danzar” 2021 Barcelona
Termín: 24.09.2021 - 29.09.2021
Miesto konania: Barcelona, SPAIN (Zahraničie - Európa/Svet)
Ubytovanie · Počasie · Cestovné poriadky


Great amusement on the amazing beaches offers you International Folklore festival “Alegria de danzar” which takes place in one of the costal towns of Costa Brava, Spain.
Many groups from all the Europe join this festival every year because of its attractive location. Barcelona offers a lot of tourist attractions worth to see.
Only folklore dancing groups, chorus, majorettes, musical bands whose performance is related to the tradition can take part in this festival. The accommodation of participants is provided in 3*** hotels, with THREE meals per day. For five nights in the hotel with full-board you pay only 169€ per person. Of course, you can prolong your stay there as many days as you want. The age of performers and the number of dancers in the group are not limited.

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