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European Heritage Festival Los Angeles 2016

European Heritage Festival Los Angeles 2016
Termín: 24.09.2016
Miesto konania: Los Angeles, California, USA, (Zahraničie - Európa/Svet)
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European Heritage Festival Los Angeles 2016

September 24, 2016 (Saturday)

Where: Zipper Hall, Colburn School 200 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, California 90012 Tickets order link: Let's visit Europe for the day!

Here is your passport. Karicka and Podkovicka from San Diego will also perform there. For this journey, we need you to join the effort in our second annual European Heritage Concert.

Let’s show everyone the treasures of the old continent, the richness of our cultures, colors of our costumes, vibration in our music, and the vivacious rhythm of our dances. The European Heritage Festival brings together a compelling number of European communities in LA who will showcase a sample of their customs – from Irish folk dances, Rumi dervishes, Romanian tarafs, to engaging choirs and everything in-between, all professional quality performances by devoted artists. All of that, under the auspices of the prestigious Colburn School of music.

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