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Czech & Slovak Film Festival Perth 2016

Czech & Slovak Film Festival Perth 2016
Termín: 20.10.2016 - 23.10.2016
Miesto konania: Perth, Western Australia, Austrália, (Zahraničie - Európa/Svet)
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Český a Slovenský filmový festival Perth 2016

20. – 23. 10. 2016 v Perth

The 2nd Czech and Slovak Film Festival brings together another selection of features, documentaries and shorts to celebrate the best of Czech and Slovak cinema, including the most popular, critically acclaimed, box office hits from both countries.

The festival opens the bittersweet comedy TIGER THEORY (Teorie tygra), a huge box-office hit in its homeland. Filmmaker Radek Bajgar’s poignant debut feature is a tragicomic road movie, following an ageing veterinary surgeon Jan (legendary Czech actor Jiří Bartoška) who believes himself a henpecked shadow of his former, untamed self.

Featuring another box office hit as one of the greatest untold love stories of the 20th century, THE DEVILL’S MISTRESS (Lída Baarová), is a film about the black-and-white era actress Lída Baarová and her doomed love affair. The film is directed by well-known Filip Renč.

One of the great cult classics of Czechoslovak cinema has just been digitally restored by the National Film Archive in Prague. ADELA HASN’T HAD HER SUPPER YET (Adéla ještě nevečeřela) has an all-star cast, brilliant animation by Jan Švankmajer and a hilarious script from Jiří Brdečka. It’s a film full of gags, directed by OldřichLipský, guarantee to be a crowd pleaser for all ages.

The festival will close with versatile Slovak filmmaker Matej Mináč and his documentary tribute to his mother Zuzana Mináčová, a famous photographer of film stars, THROUGH THE EYES OF THE PHOTOGRAPHER (Očami fotografky). Her stories, full of humour, wisdom, and tragic moments from the Nazi and Communist era, all form a fascinating testimony of a woman who has never given up on living a decent, meaningful life.

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